"Capture of the Younger Bros." 1998
Located in Madelia, Minnesota
15' x 54' Novacolor® acrylic on red brick.
Commissioned by Christensen Communications

The Younger brothers were one half of the notorious Jesse James Gang. They were caught in Minnesota.

(Most likely) After this photo was taken at Mueller Photo Studio in Owatonna, MN, this gang held up a bank 25 miles away in Northfield, MN. Shooting their way out of town, the robbers split up and Jesse and Frank James escaped, making their way back home. The Youngers and Charlie Pitts met their demise in the fields of Watonwan County, in western Minnesota. Seven brave men, now referred to as "The Madelia Posse", volunteered to catch the outlaws. After a dramatic gunfight, illustrated in the mural, they succeeded and brought the Youngers and a fatally wounded Pitts to the authorities.

Our mural is based on studies of the actual site and events of the capture.

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